Pre-Purchase property Inspections

Thinking of buying a house?
Do you believe a tradesman hasn’t fulfilled his obligation in a correct manner?
Is the insurance on your back or avoiding liability?
Do you have a dispute with a builder?
Are you a Landlord or an Estate agent requiring clarity?

If you have answered “YES” to any of the above, then you cannot look past Repair My House Inspection services.

We offer a wide Range of standard and non-standard Pre-Purchase home inspection reports, and other more meticulous specialty reports.
We offer an extensive range of services such as:

24-hr service 365-days a year
Basic pre-purchase reports
Speciality reports
Termite and pest reports
Comprehensive reports
Builder dispute reports
Building dispute reports
Land lord and Estate agent reports
Soil reports
Contamination reports
And much more

We provide a variety of cost effective building inspection reports, including reports when lodging a complaint with the Victorian Building Authority, VCAT (The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal), Pre-purchase Property inspections and Strata inspections for individual clients or strata companies.

Our easy to understand, descriptive reports list observed items of concern including photos where required. For extra piece of mind, we also may offer estimates on repairs upon request.

Read our terms and conditions for Pre Purchase Inspections here

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