We have a large team of highly qualified Plumbers in Victoria, each with years of experience. Our Plumbers are ready 24-hours a day 365- days a year to respond to any type of domestic or commercial Plumbing work.

We’re ready whenever you need us. Whether it’s a plumbing emergency that you need a Plumber to attend straight away, or you’d like a quote for large plumbing work, or you’re buying a property and you simply need to have the plumbing system inspected prior to purchase, we’re here to help.
We offer an extensive range of services such as:

24-hr Emergency
New bathrooms
Replace hot water unit
All types of Blockages
Roof repairs
All types of leaks
Appliance faults and repairs
Tanks and irrigation
Temporary toilet options

And much more

Emergency repairs

We understand how frustrating and stressful it might be without hot water or heating whenever you want it. When you call Repair My House we’ll do everything we can to get one of our Plumbers to you as quickly as possible.


Nobody wants to have the stress and inconvenience of having a blocked or flooded drain. Cleaning your drainage is an import part of maintenance that we recommend for all property owners. Regular drain cleaning will help to keep your drains free from blockages and prevent the gradual build-up of scale and debris, this will reduce the chance of needing to make an emergency call by arranging to have your drains unblocked or cleaned.

Our Plumbers have years of experience and are happy answering all your questions. Call our team today.

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