Painters and Decorators

Our specialist Painters and Decorators are on call for jobs throughout Victoria. As you’d expect from a professional Painter or Decorator, they are all highly trained as well as being thorough and precise with their work.

Experienced at working in both residential and commercial properties across Victoria, our Painters/Decorators can be booked for all types of jobs. Whether it’s small patch repairs or touch-up work that only takes an hour, complete new homes, extensions and renovations, we have the expertise and capability to help.
We offer an extensive range of services such as:

24-hr Emergency
Extensions and Renovations
New homes
Multi-unit developments
Period home restorations
Roof restorations
Colour matching
Wallpaper and Digital artwork

And much more

When you book a Repair My House Painter Decorator you can be sure of getting the professional help you’re looking for.

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