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The most common question we ever get asked by home owners looking to sell their property!

Question: “Hi Repair my house, can you please help me decide weather to renovate my property or sell as is?”
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Answer: “Sure thing, we always encourage to renovate as in your area studies indicate buyers like moving straight into a property by doing little work or nothing at all”

Thank you Repair my house team.

Are you among the majority of people that simply do not want to deal with all the stress of selling a home?

We’ve discovered a way to help you maximise the potential of the biggest investment in your life… Yes! your home.
Give ‘Repair My House’ the opportunity to help you make one of the biggest decisions of your life. You’re often left wondering; Where do I start? Who do I call? What decisions best suit my needs? Well, we would like you to sit back and relax, let ‘Repair My House’ take care of the entire process. From our abundant knowledge in the building industry and our own personal experiences, we not only have the knowledge required to do the works but more importantly the knowledge of ‘what sells a house!’ and what potential buyers look for when purchasing and comparing your property to others.

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Experience is crucial

With our knowledge and experience we know exactly what buyers look for when purchasing property. We tailor a package of what we believe to be the best possible outcome to maximise both property viewings and the sale price. Unfortunately, this process can be very overwhelming when attempted alone, issues with tradesman not turning up, under budgeting, costly decisions and mistakes just to name a few. Having heard this repeatedly from vendors and Clients, Decisions that are meant to be simple like colours of walls, tiles, floors and furniture, etc can be much more difficult than expected.

For example; some colour and material choices you make can be appealing to yourself but not to others.
By regularly reviewing the property market, we can offer a full detailed consultation, where we discuss what we believe to be, the best possible outcome to maximise your property’s full potential. We also go over all the key factors that undoubtedly maximise your Profit! These decisions planned correctly could literally make and save you thousands!

The top 10 key factors we focus on are:

How much do I need to spend?
Is it worth renovating? or sell as is?
Outlay money only where its required
Determining where outlaying money is and isn’t required.
Making the correct colour/Material choices.
Uncluttering and storing items away to make a space appear bigger.
Avoiding costly decisions and seeking other alternatives.
All the Do’s and Do Not’s around the property.
Make that first impression last.
Give your property the ‘Edge’ to stand out from the rest

Our goal

Our goal! is to provide our Clients with relatively quick, easy, smart and cost effective decisions to maximise profit. We understand the forever changing market both in revenue and design, making it very difficult to identify what a potential buyer looks for and expects from a property. With the extensive experience and knowledge we offer, we can give your property that ‘edge’ needed to stand out from the rest, giving you and your Investment the winning edge on auction day.

Rest assured

Rest assured with more than 25 years experience in the building, renovating and real estate industries.
Our extended network of tradesmen, contractors, interior designers, stylists, conveyancers and estate agents means, we cover every single aspect of the ‘Building Game’.
Give us a try, we are only a click away!

When you book a consultation with Repair My House, you can be sure of getting the professional help you’re looking for.

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